About Us

The Provisional Release Association in Japan was founded on October 31, 2010. It was created by those on provisional release themselves, and has been run by them since then.

  Those on provisional release are people who have received a deportation order from the immigration authorities, are under various pressure and threats, but have reasons they cannot go home. Most of them were detained at the immigration for a long time under harsh conditions, but chose to obtain a resident status and remain in Japan.

  There are many reasons those on provisional release will not or cannot go home. For example, some of them are refugees, and some have a family in Japan, and others have lived in Japan for a long time. And yet beyond such differences, we have sought to unite as people on provisional release.

  “Resident Status for those on Provisional Release!”

This is the goal we have upheld since we founded the Provisional Release Association in Japan. 

 We are campaigning for a proper resident status in order to live a secure life in Japan. 



 To those on provisional release who have found their way to visit our website: let us defend our human rights together hand in hand. To Japanese citizens and foreign residents with a legal status: we call on you to support our struggle.